Art Vistas Docent Trainings
List of lessons / projects by grade

5th grade

Set A: Art of the First Americans / Native American Totems

Set B: Colonial Art / Limner Portraits

Set C: Revolutionary Art / Grid Drawing

Set D: Westward Movement / Asymmetrical Compositions

Set E: American Artists / Close-up Flower or Skull Watercolor

Set F: Photography / Outdoor Photography Series

4th grade

Set A: Realism and Primitivism / Primitive Tempera Painting

Set B: Impressionism (and Post-Impressionism) / Impressionistic Pointillistic Painting

Set C: Expressionism (and Fauvism) / Mask Project Part 1

Set D: Introduction to Abstract Art / Mask Project Part 2

Set E: Cubism / Cubist Portraits

Set F: Surrealism / Surrealist Dream Watercolor

3rd grade

Set A: People and Their Feelings / Expressive Lines and Portraits​

Set B: People at Work / Composition to Show Distance

Set C: People at Play / Foil Sculpture

Set D: People and Music / Painting to Music

Set E: People and Animals / Imaginary Animals

Set F: People Around the World / West African Style Print

2nd grade

Set A: Landscapes / Tissue Paper Landscapes

Set B: Seascapes / Watercolor Seascapes

Set C: Cityscapes / Reflective Cityscapes

Set D: Portraits / Clay Head Sculpture

Set E: Still Life / Still Life Sketching

Set F: Review (Pierre-Auguste Renoir) / Impressionistic Painting

1st grade

Set A: Line /Styrofoam Printing

Set B: Shape / Creative Rubbings

Set C: Color / Color Wheel, Fold and Dye

Set D: Texture / Abstract Texture Collage

Set E: Value / Value Scale

Set F: Review (Vincent van Gogh) / van Gogh Sunflower Drawing​


Set A: Trains / Train Collages

Set B: Horses / Crayon Resist Horses

Set C: Animals / Clay Animals

Set D: Boats / Fish Prints

Set E: Houses / Oil Pastel Houses

Set F: Portraits / Drawing Self Portraits

Art Vistas General Training
Dates TBD

  • New docents are strongly encouraged to attend one of these general training sessions.

  • The training is less than 2 hours and you will learn the art terminology and concepts covered in Art Vistas.

  • These trainings will be held at the Art Vistas Office which is at Dartmouth Middle School (5575 Dartmouth Dr, San Jose, CA 95118).

Art Vistas Grade-Level Trainings

  • The grade-level trainings are for all docents at each grade level. 

  • The training sessions are extremely important and helpful -- someone from your class must attend.

  • They are less than 2 hours each and you will receive a curriculum handout for each set and be trained to lead your class through the art prints and projects.

  • These trainings are at the Art Vistas Office which is at Dartmouth Middle School (5575 Dartmouth Dr, San Jose, CA 95118).

Grade-level training dates for sets A, B, and C:

  • 5th grade: N/A

  • 4th grade: N/A

  • 3rd grade: N/A

  • 2nd grade: N/A

  • 1st grade: N/A

  • Kindergarten: N/A

Grade-level training dates for sets D, E, and F:

  • 5th grade: TBD

  • 4th grade: TBD

  • 3rd grade: TBD

  • 2nd grade: TBD

  • 1st grade: TBD

  • Kindergarten: TBD


Art set circulation and "hands on" project practice sessions

Art set circulation

  • Below are the dates when each set of prints will be at our school in the Art Vistas closet (next to classroom # 6) and therefore when you need to schedule to be in your child's classroom.

  • The project materials are prepared for you but are shared by each class in your grade level.

  • Please work with the other docents in your class AND your teacher to determine the best date and time for your class. Then, you must sign up to "reserve" the prints and project materials on Sign Up Genius for each set.  This will ensure that the prints and materials will be ready for you. See the "Sign-Up" page for links for each set.


"Hands on" practice

  • Prior to each set, we will have an informal "hands on" practice session at the Alta Vista lunch tables or in the cafeteria.

  • The "hands on" sessions are a chance for you to get prepared and ready to go into the classroom. At these sessions you can huddle with the other docents in your class, familiarize yourself with the materials, check out examples of the project, and ask us questions. The dates for each practice session are listed below.

Set A

  • Prints and project materials at Alta Vista: ONLINE ONLY

  • "Hands on" practice: N/A

Set B

  • Prints and project materials at Alta Vista: ONLINE ONLY

  • "Hands on" practice: N/A

Set C

  • Prints and project materials at Alta Vista: ONLINE ONLY

  • "Hands on" practice: N/A

Set D

  • Prints and project materials at Alta Vista: TBD

  • "Hands on" practice: TBD

Set E

  • Prints and project materials at Alta Vista: TBD

  • "Hands on" practice: TBD

Set F

  • Prints and project materials at Alta Vista: TBD

  • "Hands on" practice: TBD

End-of-year art show information

Every year, we host an end-of-year art show at Alta Vista in the cafeteria to showcase some of the Art Vistas projects the students did throughout the year.  The art show is a favorite for students, family, and the community! Before the art show, the docents for each class will pick artwork for each student, mount it, label it with a museum card, and will help hang the art in the cafeteria.



Art Show information and artwork matting workshop: TBD

  • The docents for each class are responsible for mounting artwork for their class for the Art Show.

  • We will have mounting supplies (museum cards, glue sticks, and construction paper for mounting); mounting instructions for each grade; and examples. You can mount at this workshop and/or grab materials to bring home.

  • If you can’t come to the workshop, all of the mounting supplies will be in the Art Vista closet.

  • It’s a good idea to get a “team” of parent volunteers to help you mount – it goes much quicker!  Send a note to your class and have a mounting party at your house! 

  • All artwork needs to be mounted by end of day on the day before you will hang the artwork.

  • Breakdown by grade of what to pieces/projects to mount:

    • Kinder: 3 pieces

    • 1st: 3 pieces

    • 2nd: 3 pieces PLUS clay head

    • 3rd: 3 pieces PLUS foil sculpture

    • 4th grade: 3 pieces PLUS gauze mask

    • 5th grade: ALL pieces (Note: You don't need to mount the totem project on construction paper - they will go on totem poles. Each totem does need a museum card so kids can find their artwork)

Art show set-up/hanging artwork: TBD

  • Docents are responsible for hanging the mounted artwork for their class

  • We will be hanging artwork by grade and by teacher on the kiosks

Art show: TBD

Art show take down:

  • Docents are responsible for taking down the mounted artwork for their class

  • After everything is taken down, your team of docents can organize the artwork by student and create simple “portfolio” folders for each student. Making a portfolio is optional but it's a nice/polished way to make sure the kids get all of their projects before the end of the school year.


Museum card documents (if you want to print them via a Word doc vs. hand-writing them)

  1. Download all 3 of the Museum Card documents below.

  2. Follow the instructions in the "Museum Card Instructions" document.

  3. We have cream colored card stock in the Art Vistas closet for printing the Museum Cards.

  4. Please contact us with any questions.